Homonymy is a term to refer to one form, which is the same in both written and spoken, with two or more unrelated meanings.

  • A word is polysemous if it can be used to express di_erent meanings. The di_erence between the meanings can be obvious or subtle.
  • Two or more words are homonyms if they either sound the same (homophones), have the same spelling (homographs), or both, but do not have related meanings.

 Some examples of homonymy are:

  1. Bank    (of a river)

Bank    (of a financial institution)

  1. Pupil    (student)

Pupil    (in the eyes)

  1. Fast     (quick)

Fast     (period of going without food)


Polysemy is a term to refer to a word which has a set of different meanings which are related by extension. it is one word used in two different ways (polysemy).The following are xample of polysemy:

Eye                  human eye

                        The eye of needle

                        The eye of potato

                        A hook and an eye

Go                   a man goes

                        A road goes

                        Fish goes bad soon

                        A machine goes

                        A bank goes (collapse)

Example on sentence:

  • I own a big heavy hammer.
  • I hammered the tent pole into the ground using a small rock.